Simris was founded by Fredrika Gullfot, who also is our CEO. Fredrika has a PhD from KTH the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where she did her research in plant enzymes and biomimetics - the science of mimicking nature to create new and more sustainable products and technologies. Along the way, Fredrika became fascinated with algae, and describes it herself as a love story:

- As a vegan, environmental activist and passionate about health, I knew I had found my calling. Slowly my dream evolved into a clear vision, to build the world's greenest algae farm to produce omega-3. It was an idea simply too great and too important not to do anything about. You know, the 'be the change you want to see in the world' thing. So I left academia, and founded Simris.

Fredrika has been invited to talk about Simris virtually all over the world, in places such as Stockholm, Milan, New York, Hong Kong, London and TEDx Berlin. She was the first female ever who received the Swedish Chemical Engineering Award, and was appointed a WIRED Innovation Fellow in 2015, as one of 12 innovators with the potential to change the world.

In addition to her solid scientific background, Fredrika has a strong interest in design and the arts, coming from a family of creatives, actors and opera singers. Her first academic degree was in comparative religion and classical archaeology. She is also a passionate trail runner, and her finest achievement was 1st place in the Gax 50 miles endurance run along the Österlen coast from Haväng to Ystad.

- We have some of the most beautiful trails on this planet. You should definitely come here for a run.