Our Background

Simris, or Simris Alg as we're called back home in Sweden, was founded in 2010 by Fredrika Gullfot, who today is our CEO. Fredrika was a researcher at KTH the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, when she fell in love with algae. 


As a passionate ultra-marathon runner, Fredrika spent many hours alone on her long runs in nature, and her wild ideas slowly matured into a solid vision. After finishing her PhD, Fredrika decided to leave academia and start Simris. It was simply a vision too good to not bring it to life.

Simris' commercial business started with a number of exciting collaborative projects, where we showed that algae cultivation can turn conventional industrial production both greener and more profitable. In parallel, we developed our own farming model, and are now proud owners of a state-of-the-art facility featuring the latest technology within algae cultivation.

We have received great attention both in Sweden and internationally for our efforts, and have been awarded with several prizes and honours. Our core business today is manufacturing and delivering dietary supplements and algae-based foods that make a difference for both our health and the planet. 


We are based in the small village of Hammenhög, in the heart of Österlen and Skåne, Sweden’s strongest and most innovative region within agriculture and food production. Here, we have taken over the greenhouses of an iconic plant-breeding facility, which once gave Hammenhög its nickname as “the flower village”.

Our greenhouses’ birth story goes as far back as the nineteenth century, when farmer Otto J. Olsen, thanks to the mild and sunny climate of the region, started to cultivate seeds for fodder beet and grass. At the peak of the facility’s operation, around 350 workers were busy with the cultivation of flowers, seeds and tulip bulbs. The thriving and colourful display fields and annual tulip festivals attracted visitors from all over the country.

We are very proud and happy to carry forward Hammenhög’s green and colourful farming tradition, with our own little sea-flowers. Algae are the new crop, for a new era.