Our Farm

Ever wanted to know how algae are grown? Our algae farm in Hammenhög is a state-of-the art 22 000 square feet greenhouse facility for growing algae, with top-class laboratories where we develop our starter cultures, follow up the growth of our algae, and take care of our strain library.


Our algae are grown in closed systems, under controlled conditions with exceptional demands on quality and purity. This ensures our omega-3 oil is ecologically sustainable, guaranteed free from environmental toxins, and packed with maximum levels of healthy substances, phytonutrients and antioxidants. Just like with any other crop, it takes skills to be a successful algae farmer!

Farming, harvest and production is performed within an innovative biorefinery concept, where all products in the process value chain are collected, and where the individual components are utilized optimally. Our design principles are based on commercially proven state-of-the-art solutions from multiple industries, lean production, and circular economy. We pay great attention to our ecological footprint and actively create circular loops with our neighbouring industries. For example, the carbon dioxide we use to grow our algae comes from the Absolut Vodka distillery as a by-product in their wheat fermentation process.



Our key technology is based on nature’s own process for harnessing solar energy: photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, the algae capture the light from the sun, and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen - and natural substances, such as omega-3.

Our greenhouses are built with modern materials with superior light transmission, so that the algae can absorb as much natural sunlight as possible. The algae are grown in vertically arranged glass tube modules, in which the algae culture is continuously circulated to mimic the natural sea environment and keep the algae in constant motion. The modules are designed so that algae are exposed to as much sunlight as possible, in order to optimize growth.


The algae are harvested regularly, by letting off the algal culture and gentle centrifugation. We do not use chemical precipitation, but instead an entirely mechanical technology that is superior in performance and energy efficiency compared to the industry standard. At the same time, the technology is so gentle that we obtain an intact and alive algae paste, that stays fresh considerably longer than with comparable separation processes. This is crucial in protecting the sensitive nutrients, and ensuring superior product quality.

The water that is separated from the algae by centrifugation is then recovered and recycled into the culture again, so that new algae can grow. The harvested, fresh algae paste is finally prepared for extraction.

Extraction of the precious omega-3 oils is finally done by liquid extraction, a gentle, solvent-free process, usually reserved for precious substances such as hop extracts and other botanical essential oils. The result is an algae oil with unparalleled quality and purity, where all valuable nutrients are preserved. We never deodorize or distill our oils, since we strongly believe that natural, unadulterated products are superior to processed ingredients. In this way, the delicate omega-3s are also protected by the algae's own natural antioxidants, which limits the need for additives.