Homage to Our Home

We could not be prouder of the small village of Hammenhög, our home, where the Algae Farm is located. Simris was born in the heart of Österlen, which is both a touristic hotspot as part of greater Copenhagen, but also Sweden’s strongest and most innovative region within agriculture and food production. Here, we have settled into the greenhouses of an iconic plant-breeding facility, which once gave Hammenhög its nickname as “the Flower Village”.

Where Nature meets History 

A bicycle ride through the ripening grain fields in Österlen says it all. Our home is often called the “Provence of Sweden”, thanks to its wonderful warm climate and its country landscape of rolling fields full of goodness, endless blue skies and bright white sandy beaches suitable for surfing the waves, kite-surfing, or paragliding. Österlen has something to offer to everyone. The Swedish national park Stenshuvud offers stunning sceneries and a magnificent view of the start of the Baltic Sea. In Kåseberga you can visit Ale’s Stones, Sweden’s own version of Stonehenge. Or how about taking a tour to Kivik’s Musteri with some of Sweden’s finest apple orchards.


Österlen is not only famous for its food production and stunning nature scenery. For many years it has been a hub of creativity and artistry, housing lots of artists and painters, that love being inspired by the unique environment where they live and work. The peak season for art in Österlen is Easter, when the annual event “Konstrundan” (the “art tour”) is held. For two weeks artists exhibit their work to thousands of curious art fans. Even though Konstrundan is Österlen’s biggest art event, it is also possible to travel around and visit the artists in their studios all year round. You will find everything from traditional Scanian paintings to modern art installations.  


Plants of all kinds are the basis of the food we eat, the materials we use, and the energy that fuels us. Farming and agriculture are key industries to sustain our lives here on the planet, and the farming tradition has always been strong in Hammenhög.

Our greenhouses’ birth story goes as far back as the nineteenth century, when farmer Otto J. Olson, thanks to the mild and sunny climate of the region, chose Hammenhög as the place to start cultivating seeds for fodder beet and grass. At the peak of the facility’s operation, around 350 workers were busy with the cultivation of flowers, seeds and tulip bulbs. The thriving and colorful display fields and annual tulip festivals were attracting visitors from all over the country. 

We are very proud and happy to carry forward Hammenhög’s green and colorful farming tradition, with our own little water-flowers. Algae are the new crop, for a new era.


Standing with your bare feet in the soft sand that is warmed by the sun, looking out over the vast deep blue sea, and hearing the rhythmic humming of the waves. Inhale deeply, close your eyes and feel the salty scent. In some strange way, the sea always feels like home. Instinctively, we know that the sea brings good. 

A visit to Österlen is not a visit at all if you don’t hit the beach at some point. With miles and miles of sand, the Sandhammaren beach is one place to go for the perfect white sand and kite surfing, but there are plenty more beaches to choose from! 

Fall in love with Österlen

A spot where nature meets creators and artists, the sun and the sea, and the innovative mindset. These are all reasons why Österlen is the perfect place for Simris. We are inspired by the landscape where we work and the people we meet. We would like even more people to open their eyes to this Swedish gem-area, which has so much to give to both visitors and the people living here. Pay us a visit and let Österlen inspire you, just like it does with us, every day.