Finding Simris in the US

Annika Jönsson @ 2020-02-13 11:02:44 -0500

Running low on algae omega-3 farmed in Sweden and don’t know where to get them in the US? Well, here’s a list of Simris retailers to the rescue!

New York City Pop-Ups

We are finally poppin’ up in the Big Apple! Teaming up with other cool companies is a fun adventure, and we are excited to get to know Nolita a little better. You’ll find Simris at these venues:

Located almost right smack in the middle of Nolita, on 224 Mulberry St. NAKED RETAIL re-opened its 4,000 square ft flagship store in September. Stroll around this chic, refreshing space and take a closer look at the curated selection of NAKED BODEGA focusing on home and wellness.  Open from September 28th through December 28th.

Who wouldn’t want to visit the most interesting store in the world? SHOWFIELDS in the heart of NOHO, on 11 Bond Street, brings together the most mission-driven, design-oriented, innovative, unconventional, and relevant brands, artists and communities from around the globe. It’s the one-stop experience shop and Simris will be there from November 1st through February 15th.

Goop - there it is

Hollywood actress’ Gwyneth Paltrow lifestyle and retail brand goop is teaming up with Simris Algae Omega-3. With a firm fan-base ranging from Hollywood A-listers and straight-edge yoginis, to health gurus, and those on a quest for the very best for their body and soul, goop is where you get the really good stuff for health and beauty.

Stop by Shop Good

For all you Southern Californians out there, Shop Good is the must destination for all things clean beauty. Founder Leah Kipalani has created one of most exciting and comprehensive shopping destinations for effortless, fabulous and downright fun healthy living. When visiting San Diego – stop by Shop Good!

Winning at Erewhon Market

An ideal partner for Simris, as we see a beautiful alignment between our core values. Erewhon's passion for the purest, ethically and sustainably produced foods, wellness and beauty products won us over at once. And judging by their faithful following, we know we’re not alone. Erewhon Market has locations in all the areas of Los Angeles that we love: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills Calabasas, Venice, Pacific Palisades, and we can’t wait to be part of the upcoming Silverlake location too. Come see us there!

Care by Carbon Beauty

Looking for that unique and special brand that you may not find anywhere else? Look no further than Carbon Beauty. They bring out the best of safe and effective cool brands, offering a carefully curated selection of products they really believe in. We couldn’t love it more!

Do it like DermWarehouse

A dermatologist-owned and operated skincare and beauty website. Founded by Dr. Alan J. Parks and operated by the Park family, Dermwarehouse offers highest-quality, professional-strength skin care, makeup, and hair care products. Its unique approach in customer service and its strong focus on quality, is sure to bring you the best for your skin.

Lovely like Lemon Laine

If you are passing by Houston or Nashville, go check out the pretty dream in pink and apricot that are the Lemon Laine shops. These gorgeous boutiques are not only pretty themselves, but also filled with natural beauty and wellness products with a feel-good-first motto.