Is Astaxanthin the Workout Gear You Have Been Missing?

Annika Jönsson @ 2020-07-16 07:36:28 -0400

Being an experienced runner or having logged hours in the gym, you are most certainly already familiar with your body’s need for protein, hydration, or omegas. As a curious beginner, you might have spent some time researching what your body requires in order to give you the results that will make yourself happy and strong, and those around you admiringWhat a lot of people don’t know is that natural astaxanthin from microalgae can do wonders in helping increase performance and stamina, and improving your muscles’ post-workout recovery.

Nature's Picasso Colouring the Fauna

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia. Coloured red by algae. 
Photo by Hugo Kruip on Unsplash

Being quite the newcomer in the jungle that is the world of performance-boosting ingestibles, astaxanthin deserves the limelight just as much as all the essentials you are already including in your diet. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid originally found in the freshwater alga Haematococcus pluvialisIt is a crimson red antioxidant pigment that has remarkable effects on animals that include it in their diets. Have you ever wondered why the flamingo is pink or why salmon shares the same color? Might there be a connection there? There sure is as, both flamingos and salmon, get their pink hue from the same source: natural astaxanthin present in abundance in their typical diets. Aesthetics aside, astaxanthin is absolutely crucial to the survival and development of the animals that consume it.

When it comes to human diet, as algae are the primary source of astaxanthin (just as they are of marine omega-3 fatty acids) in the aquatic food chain, it is advisable that natural astaxanthin is obtained directly from its source, as opposed to synthetic alternatives of questionable quality and efficacy available in the market.

But what's in it for me?

That’s a nice story about what astaxanthin does to the appearance of some animals, but now to the juice. Why is it good for your workout? This antioxidant is unique since it protects and boosts mitochondria, the mighty powerhouses of our cells. There is exciting research going on about the benefits of this little color molecule and studies have shown that it can improve athletic performance, and help the body recover from intense exercise. 

Now, since there was an alga that could support you in your workouts, it was a no-brainer for Simris to merge together the powers of Simris® Algae Omega-3 and natural astaxanthin, and to create an awesome all-algae-workout ingestible. And that’s roughly the story of how Simris® Algae Omega-3 for Athletes was born, and it might just be your most powerful workout gear yet.