We're in this together, that's why we stay apart

Annika Jönsson @ 2020-03-27 07:11:54 -0400

This is a message from Fredrika and Daphne, mom and daughter, the founders of Simris. We have hijacked the Simris Stories to speak about something important. 

We haven’t seen each other in person for a while now. In fact, we are currently about 600km apart, one of us in Stockholm, the other in Simrishamn, South Sweden. We do that to protect each other, because we want for us and for everyone to be safe.

Please stay at home as much as possible, and practice social distancing. Wash your hands with soap and water, as often as you can. These are the two most powerful weapons against the coronavirus and covid-19 disease. But they only work if we all follow these simple rules. All of us.

Against the backdrop of the covid-19 crisis, health has taken a different meaning for most of us. Many of us have enjoyed the luxury of thinking of Health in terms of self-optimization; today, we suddenly need to figure out how to care for the immediate safety of ourselves, of our loved ones, and that of our community. 

It is important to understand that there is no one substance, supplement or medication that can protect us from the coronavirus, or cure us from its horrible and sometimes even fatal effects. Our focus needs to be on minimizing viral spread, and on protecting ourselves from becoming infected. The good news is that social distancing and diligent hand hygiene are in fact very powerful tools to this means, and can protect both you and your loved ones. 

But as always, a great overall health status is our best defense against any disease. It can support a more powerful immune response, and also help us cope immensely better if we nevertheless do fall ill. Therefore, this is a good time to have a look over those crucial determinants of good health, that are actually in our control: good sleep, sufficient exercise, and of course great nutrition. 

Lastly, look after your mental health and well-being. Living in the middle of a pandemic is a very scary thing and something we did not expect to experience during our lifetime. Certain things are simply beyond our control. Instead, focus on what is in your power and use these times to build a strong, healthy foundation that will last way beyond the crisis. It will be over at some point, so here’s to a lifetime of health. 

We’re in this together, that’s why we stay apart.
Believe the hype, maintain distance.
Stay safe, wash your hands.
Talk to friends, but from afar.

We stay connected, but we stay apart.
Protect your loved ones by staying away.

Health is freedom, and Health is fragile.
Take care of yourself, keep moving, even if just up and down.
Eat well, and feed your mind too.

In times of crisis, we all unite.
In isolation, we can still thrive.
We’re in this together, that’s why we stay apart.

Love from us, wherever you are.
Fredrika & Daphne