Work out, Relax, Repeat - the keys to vitality

Simris Alg @ 2020-10-09 07:51:11 -0400

Fall is upon us, and maybe you are feeling more tired than usual this year. There are ways to maintain your balance, refuel your energy, and to be on top of the wellness game. Let’s go through why it’s important to keep going outside, keeping at that exercise routine, and how to make the most out of it. 

While some get energized by a new season, others dread entering fall. Summer is over and the days shorten. This the perfect time to start a new workout routine and keep those energy levels up. Make sure you move your body and start hitting the outdoor gym. Why?



The end of Summer is also the beginning of something else. Talk about a cheesy wording, but is there a better time to start anew than after a summer amidst a global pandemic? To have a healthy lifestyle includes working your body regularly. You’ll need a mindset of “a marathon, not a sprint” race. Think of it as an important part of your life, an act of self-care, and not something tedious you’d rather not. Feel good about it! This should never be about how you look, but about how you feel. Do you feel strong? Capable? Brave? Flexible? All of these areas need maintenance. The best time to start a new routine is right now. All workouts count, including walking, jogging, marathons, weightlifting, cardio, surfing, boxing, yoga and pilates, and everything in between. Go chase that post-workout serotonin. A happy body helps sustain a happy mind. 


If you are as tired of “these unprecedented times” as the rest of us, just keep in mind we are not in the clear yet. That is why taking advantage of the outdoors when working on your health is a necessity and a wise investment. It all depends on where you live of course, but fall with its lower temperatures, crisper air and leaves turning orange should inspire more outdoor activities. Workouts in nature are a lot better than in a cramped gym when it comes to staying clear of infections and viruses. By going outside, you also get a dose of vitamin D while working your muscles - that’s two perks for the price of one. Spending time in nature can also improve immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory function.


Don’t do it all alone and by yourself. Be inspired by others, find your tribe, and tap into the powers of community. Learning from the best is also a sure way of getting the knowledge you lack, and the tools you need. We checked in with our good friend Scott Burnhard, @scott_burnhard on Instagram, to hear his thoughts on health and wellness.

Scott, what does wellness mean to you?  

Wellness to me is an active process of becoming aware of who I am and consistently making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life for myself and my family.

Q. What is a daily wellness routine you have that you couldn't live without? 

I personally feel like I couldn't live without meditation / meditating really puts my mind at ease, it helps me focus and improves my overall performance. 

Q. If you had to give one tip on maintaining well-being from the inside out, what would it be? 

One tip would be to focus on being the best version of yourself every single day and keep on improving as you go along.

Q. How has your approach to wellness changed during this "new normal?" 

Well, quite honestly on a personal level nothing has really changed for me as far as the new normal. I was always someone who advocated for Calisthenics, Body weight workouts, No Gym No problem. I utilized parks and home workouts to keep physically fit. I have always advocated for using herbs and nutrition to heal and mend one's body. So I guess my change in lifestyle 3 years ago when I became vegan prepared me for this new normal. 

Q. With the booming business that wellness is these days, how do you determine what's important for you and what is perhaps a mere "trend?" 

I listen to my body, for me understanding how a product makes me feel and sticking to all-natural original products that will add value to my life in general.


One thing all kinds of exercise have in common is the importance of recovery and rest. The gentle stretch after a hard-core gym session, or a day at the office. Remaining hydrated. Giving your body the time to mend sore muscles. Make sure you create enough space in your everyday life for quality downtime. Pay attention to your sleeping habits and make adjustments if necessary. Set yourself up for a good night's sleep.
Again, the outdoors can help you with stress, anxiety, and revitalization of your body and mind. If you can spend time in nature, be it a park or a forest, give it a go, and perhaps without headphones. Listen to the wind, look at the sky, be mindful of your surroundings. Hear yourself breath. Take a moment to check how your legs, arms, back, abdomen feel, the level of energy you have, and the state of wellbeing. Do this day by day and adjust accordingly.


So you started your new routine, you went to the outdoor gym, paid meticulous attention to your sleeping habits, and made sure to hydrate perfectly every single day. What’s left to do? There’s another little helper out there waiting for you. Simris® Algae Omega-3 for Athletes is designed for active lifestyles. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for any performance-driven diet. They are crucial in combating inflammation and keeping joints in good health. The extra boost of astaxanthin in the softgels, helps with endurance, recovery and getting the most out of your workouts (and your rest).
In addition to boosting endurance and athletic performance, studies have shown that natural astaxanthin has positive effects on skin quality and elasticity, meaning its wide-spanning benefits make it a product great for any- and everyone.
Good habits start in your brain and mindset, and Simris® Algae Omega-3 for Athletes might just be your best gym buddy yet.