World Ocean Day - A Celebration of our Oceans

Annika Jönsson @ 2020-06-08 06:26:25 -0400

The mysteries of the Mariana Trench, the vivid colors of the Great Barrier Reef and the mind-boggling Sandfalls in Mexico. The World Ocean has always fascinated and captivated human beings. It inspired Homer when writing the Odyssey, just as it did Herman Melville in the creation of Moby Dick. But oceans are not only a treat for the eye and the imagination. They have helped feed ourselves and our loved ones for 40 000 years and given us transportation opportunities for more than 3 500 years. To this day, the Ocean contributes with 50 % of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere.


Not only do we have the Ocean to thank for the astonishing progress the human race has made. It is also the reason why we even exist. Evolution has put us where we are today, and it all started in the Ocean. The first living organisms on Earth were aquatic single-celled microbes. It took a remarkable 3 billion years of evolution before Life made its way up to land. 


Unfortunately, the World Ocean is not in the state we would want it to be. We are constantly fed with news about how marine environments are suffering and being damaged by the impact of our actions. Massive amounts of plastic, pollution, and overfishing are just a few of the challenges our marine habitats are facing. Today, only 13 % of the Ocean is considered marine wilderness, meaning that it is still unaffected by the impact of humans. Due to climate change and overfishing, the ecosystem of the Oceans and the important role they play to regulate our climate is in severe danger. A healthy Ocean is essential for our wellbeing and deserves more “TLC” right now.


As a business, we can’t save the Ocean ourselves, but we can spread our love and fascination, educate and raise awareness, and encourage our followers to make ocean-aware choices. Buying omega-3 from algae instead of fish-oil is one great step to make. Another one is reducing your plastic usage or staying away from polluting industries. 


Every action and contribution on an individual level matters and makes a difference. Let’s use World Ocean Day to celebrate our cradle of Life, and to contemplate what we can do to save our marine environment. Help us keep it a place for fascination and inspiration. For years and generations to come.