Hand holding a bottle of Simris' plant-based omega-3 supplement


Omega-3s are some of the most important building blocks in your body.


There is no wellbeing without your brain on board, and 10-15 percent of your brain is literally made up of omega-3 fats. Add cognitive function, sleep quality, cell function, foetus and infant brain development, childhood learning... the list of areas in which the role of omega-3s in the brain has been studied can keep going – and so do the reasons your brain needs them.


Any fitness insider knows that omega-3s are essential to performance-driven diets: crucial in combating inflammation, keeping joints in good health, maintaining cardiovascular health, aiding post-workout recovery, fat-burning & protein synthesis.


Omega-3s are touted as the ultimate beauty potion: hair quality, skin appearance, strong nails & general wellbeing, for that extra inner glow... a beauty routine will never be perfect without omegas.


The most profound growth of the human brain takes place during the period of pregnancy and the first 2 years of the infant's life. Omega-3 DHA has a crucial role in this process, and that’s when your baby has the greatest need for DHA.

The source of all marine omega-3 is algae. Not fish, not krill.

Be smart, go straight to the source and take your omega-3s from algae instead. The marine omega-3 EPA and DHA found in microalgae are exactly the same as in fatty fish – because the fish get their omega-3s from the algae in the first place.

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