Simris is a pioneering prestige wellness company from Sweden. We grow microalgae for state-of-the-art, plant-based and pure omega-3s.

We see overfishing and the destruction of oceans as a devastating catastrophe, and cruelty against all things living as unnecessary. Getting the omega-3s we all need, must not contribute to the problem. We go straight to the source, microalgae. No fish, no harm.

Simris was founded in Sweden in 2011 by Fredrika Gullfot, PhD, soon joined by her daughter Daphne Jaeschke, MSc. After building the Algae Farm, Simris launched its first consumer products in Sweden in 2015. The Simris® Algae Omega-3 line was launched in the USA in 2019.

Our goal is to be the beacon for positive change in business. We are based in Sweden's Hammenhög, Österlen, close to the sun and the sea. 


Knowing that microalgae - and not fish or krill - is the original source of marine omega-3, long distance runner Fredrika Gullfot fell even more in love with the amazing potential of algae while doing her PhD in Biotech. Hours on the trail led up to the plan to build an algae farm that could deliver a sustainable and plant-based alternative to omega-3s in the market. After obtaining her PhD, she made her vision a reality by founding Simris and was soon joined by her daughter Daphne, an ex elite volleyball player with a devotion to wellness, health and beauty. Their respective passions in life gave birth to Simris as we know it today.

The mother-daughter duo’s love for all things living is the incentive to change the omega-3 industry from predatory fishing of our oceans, to sustainable farming of microalgae, cutting out the completely unnecessary middle fish. With Simris they have developed a unique process to produce omega-3 from algae in its purest and most genuine form, just as in nature. Better for you, and better for the oceans.

“Once you know where omega-3 really comes from, you’ll never want to bother with fish oil again!”

Both members of the founding team are still leading Simris, Fredrika Gullfot as the company's CEO and Daphne Jaeschke as its Commercial Director.

Fredrika has a broad professional background, including as an analyst for Dresdner Kleinwort and FRA. For her ground-breaking work with Simris, Fredrika has been appointed a WIRED Innovation Fellow, as one of twelve innovators with the potential to change the world. She was the first female to receive the Swedish Chemical Engineering Award. Fredrika holds a PhD in Biotechnology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Daphne has developed the company’s strategic profile, the awarded Simris brand, and its consumer products. Recipient of Digiday’s 2020 Future Leader Award within the Wellness category, she holds a MSc in Management & Marketing from Stockholm University School of Business, and executive education from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in London and INSEAD in Paris, among others. Daphne is mother to a 2-year-old boy.


A bicycle ride through the ripening grain fields in Österlen actually says it all. Plants are the basis of the food we eat, the materials we use, and the energy that fuels us. Farming and agriculture are key industries to sustain our lives here on the planet. Growing algae is a pioneering branch of modern agriculture. As algae farmers, we grow and harvest one of the earth’s most primordial crops: sea-borne plants that invented photosynthesis – the power to harness sunlight, essential to all life on earth.

Algae naturally produce many unique substances, which are essential to human and animal health. Our business is to harness these substances, and deliver highest quality, exclusive products that give our customers access to these sun-packed gifts of the sea.

Not all omega-3 products are created equal.

Simris is a pioneer in exclusive omega-3s from microalgae, and the only omega-3 brand on the beauty market that actually grow our own algae ingredients. Our core technology is photosynthesis: harnessing the power of the sun to produce oxygen and essential nutrients.


Our proprietary farming and production process is an innovation based on extensive scientific research and was designed for industrial scale. We have been in continuous large-scale operation since 2016. Our design principles are based on state-of-the-art solutions from multiple industries, circular economy, and lean production.

We pay meticulous attention to our ecological footprint and actively create circular loops with our neighbouring industries. For example, the carbon dioxide we use to grow our algae is a natural by-product from the wheat fermentation process at the Absolut Vodka distillery. The algae convert the carbon dioxide to oxygen - and, of course, omega-3.

Today, we operate one of the world’s most modern large-scale algae farms, and have received numerous awards for innovation, entrepreneurship, branding and sustainability.


As a company, we are an integral part of society. Profit is at the heart of what we do, as is doing good. We create jobs, generate new knowledge, reduce harmful impact on natural resources, and make a difference in people’s lives with our products. We replace unsustainable production methods with truly green and bio-based technologies. For us, this ensures long-term growth and profitability. Through collaborations, we share our know-how with industries and organizations who are serious about making a difference and improving their impact on our planet and our lives.


A fit and healthy body is a body free from restrictions – strong enough to head out for a run, to play with the children, and to withstand stress and disease. For us, health is about enjoying life. To have fun, to feel strong, and to be truly alive.

Health and the planet are interrelated. The food and health products we eat to keep us healthy and strong, should not cause depletion of natural resources, and should of course be free from environmental toxins and pollutants. We want to be able to breathe fresh and clean air, drink pure water, and enjoy nature with its stunning scenery and amazing variety of all things living.