’Tis the season to get going on some real giving

Give yourself a break.
Give your body some important nutrition.
Treat your loved ones to greatness from nature.
Give a damn about our planet.

Care for your health

We encourage every step taken towards strengthening the body and mind of yours and your loved ones. For this year's giving: treat yourself to a balanced diet, healthy choices and an overall sustainable lifestyle. Pay attention to the things invisible to the eye that have a huge impact on well-being. We mean nutrients like iron, vitamin C, potassium and marine omega-3 oils. Omega-3s are important pieces of the body, vision, and brain-puzzle. Is there a better gift to give than great health and wellbeing? Nope!

Care with algae

How can algae contribute to health and wellbeing, you ask? In the DNA of microalgae, these microscopical single-cell plants, is the ability to make a wide range of nutrients. Many are absolutely vital to human health, like the omega-3s we already mentioned.

Microalgae, just like our skin cells, need to protect themselves from harmful UV-rays from the sun. One of the substances that algae make to protect themselves is astaxanthin, a little red carotenoid which also helps them to endure hard living conditions.How about gifting some power from algae this season? It may work wonders for healthy skin inside and out, and for your work-out performance.

The Simris way of caring

In 2015 the World Wild Life foundation concluded that 85% of global fish stocks were at risk of illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing. Today that number is 90 %. This is not going in the right direction, and we humans clearly are not caring enough for the oceans and our planet. One of the main reasons for predatory fishing is to produce fish-oil for omega-3. Madness.

Since microalgae are the original creators of omega-3 we go straight to nature’s source. It doesn’t even make sense that we take our omega-3 from fish oil or krill oil, does it?

We farm our microalgae to harness the important marine omega-3 oils. The algae grow in glass tubes at the Algae Farm in the south of Sweden. No harm to our oceans, no contributing to the catastrophic over-fishing taking place, and with all the nutrients intact. Power from algae!

Let’s spread the #algaelove this season.

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