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Omega-3 essential fatty acids are called "essential" for a reason. You need them. Just like you need Vitamin C, iron or water. 100% plant-based omegas for healthy, active and caring lifestyles.


100% Plant-based




No Environmental toxins

Made in Sweden

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Simris Algae Omega-3 for Mothers softgel capsules

Omegas are essential. Ocean destruction is not.

Getting the omega-3s we all need must not contribute to overfishing and the devastation of our oceans. We go straight to the original source, microalgae. Simris® Algae Omega-3 is a series of award-winning, superior omega-3 supplements based on algal oils from our own farm. No fish, no harm.

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Omega-3s are some of the most important building blocks in your body.


There is no wellbeing without your brain on board, and 10-15% of your brain is literally made up of omega-3 fats. Add cognitive function, sleep quality, cell function, foetus and infant brain development, childhood learning... the list of areas in which the role of omega-3s in the brain has been studied can keep going – and so do the reasons your brain needs them.


Any fitness insider knows that omega-3s are essential to performance-driven diets: crucial in combating inflammation, keeping joints in good health, maintaining cardiovascular health, aiding post-workout recovery, fat-burning & protein synthesis.


Omega-3s are touted as the ultimate beauty potion: hair quality, skin appearance, strong nails & general wellbeing, for that extra inner glow... a beauty routine will never be perfect without omegas.


The most profound growth of the human brain takes place during the period of pregnancy and the first 2 years of the infant's life. Omega-3 DHA has a crucial role in this process, and that’s when your baby has the greatest need for DHA.

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We prefer to inspire than to preach. Yes, we tick off all the fancy, hard-core checkboxes: science, high-tech, sustainability – but we also hope to appeal to people’s fantasy and emotions, by sharing our love for these tiny little miracle plants from the sea. We see business as a tool for change, and nature as the best source of technology. There’s so much to fix in this world, and we need to get going. Change comes from passion within, and not by being told what to do. We want people to fall in love with algae, just as we once did. The rest will follow. Fredrika Gullfot, Simris founder